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Questions on getting the best locksets are answered on this page by well-trained locksmiths. Do you have lock related questions or problems? Get your answers and solutions right here! Learn what to do when your keys are stolen!

Can all the locks in my property have one key?

Yes. In fact our experts in Redondo Beach will do this upon request. The keyed-alike method is convenient but the problem is that it can increase the security risks since one has them all if they get their hands on one. If the current set is completely incompatible then it is possible to get an entirely new one that satisfies your needs.

What happens if my keys are stolen?

As a precautionary measure you might need to change the locks. This does not necessarily mean that you buy new ones but that the locks are rekeyed such that the old keys will not work. In any case this is standard practice when you have moved into a new residence and need to restrict access.

Can I put my lock in a different part of the house?

You can place your lock wherever you may choose. There will be no security issues because you will still be in control of the keys and codes. However make sure that the door frame is not damaged.

Is having a master key and rekeying locks alike the same?

No, they are not the same. Locks that are keyed alike have one key that works for all of them. However, master keyed locks have more than one key that works for them. In a master key system, you will have a separate key that will work on each lock and one key that works for all the locks.

Does the bathroom door require a locking system?

Locksmith Redondo Beach specialists would recommend putting a lock in your bathroom door the same as you would put on any other door in your home, except for the front or back doors which require more locks. It also helps with overall privacy and will probably lessen the chance of there being any awkward moments in the household.

How often must I change the alarm code?

Since codes of alarm systems and electric door locks can be changed as often as you want, Locksmith Redondo Beach suggests changing them regularly. Such a decision will ensure higher security especially if your kids have shared the code with someone or you have given it to friends. Just make sure you remember the current codes.

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